I don’t usually start paintings with a greyscale layer, but I’m happy with how this one turned out.

I saved two version of this study I did of Castle Combe. I’m not sure which palette I prefer yet.

I’m practising character design by drawing people I know. Namely me, and the girls in my scout unit.

I’m keeping an art journal. It’s my messy place to try new media and colours

Over the weekend I competed in an outdoor painting competition in West Vancouver. I didn’t win, but I made it into the second round! It was so beautiful up on the mountain!

Drawing my friend’s dungeons and dragons characters is always fun. She’s got bags of shiny stuff!

I had an idea for vests that look like butterflies

I’ve recently been starting each painting by filling the canvas with one oversaturated colour. I like how it guides the finished colour palette

Some mixed landscapes

Study from Mongolia

I finished another virtual plein-air today! That’s two in one week!
This time I painted Greenland and it’s gorgeous, golden, late-afternoon light

I did another virtual plein-air painting. This one is from London

Using fanart to try out new colouring styles

Some recent photo studies; I always keep my camera out for interesting lighting when I’m out.